A London travel guide for Indian businessman

Traveling to new places can be challenging especially if one has no information on things like where to stay, eat and relax. For those traveling to London, a London travel guide is very important to help one know the right places to visit. London is one of the largest cities in the world and one cannot make his way around without a travel guide or a person who knows London. For Indian businessman in London, knowing where to stay and dine with your fellow Indians will be very important. Businessmen visiting London will need some key information on where to stay, eat and have fun at night.

Best places to stay while on business in London

The hotels in London are growing at a great rate with new openings every year. Choosing the right hotel to stay is very important as you want to stay at a place where you can easily access your business activities.

The Andaz Liverpool Street

This is an ideal hotel for businessmen. It is the first hotel within the city square mile with 267 rooms of different sizes and shapes. Its location is strategic making it suitable for operating within the city. The Andaz hotel is very nicely furnished and comfortable for businessmen.


This is a classic hotel located at 25 Courtfield Gardens with a nicely looking sculptural flower. Base2stay is stylish streamlined with to accomodate visitors laptop and i pods with a fast internet. There are 67 rooms within this hotels all well fitted with sockets to fit almost all gadgets. Vending machines that sell Evian are located within and one can access the nearby locations by checking on the directories situated within the hotel.

Browns Hotel

Located within the Mayfair heart, Brown’s hotel is one of the most strategically located at 33 Albemarle Street. It was opened in the year 2005 after being refurbished at a cost of 24 million pounds. The hotel has 129 hotels that are individually designed and 29 suites. The suites are furnished with antiques and contemporary arts. So for that Indian businessman in London who loves classic arts, this is the hotel to stay.


London is one of the hippest cities with many restaurants that open both day and night. There are many restaurants cooking different kinds of food. So, for those typical Indians who will not try out other foods, there are many restaurants cooking different kinds of Indian foods. One can get that modern pan Indian cuisine to the classic moghul food. A London travel guide will be helpful in selecting the best restaurants and there location. Usually one will look for restaurants located near to where they stay. Gary Baxter is one great place that serves a lot of dishes including great Indian cuisines. Tuti restaurant is also another great place to dine. It is quite and nicely suited for an evening meal. There dishes are very delicious and worth a try. There are many more places where one can get a quite dinner without having to travel far away from their place of stay. Most of the hotels also offer dining services within their premises.


Life in London does not stop when the night comes. One can have a great night out by having fun at many joints within the Capital. Within the central of London there are many nightclubs with music buzzing all night. Areas around Mayfair are home to many up market clubs playing all different kinds of music. The world’s top DJ’s can be found around Mayfair with almost every club having a lively audience in all days of the week. The clubs within the Mayfair area include China white, Maddox, Funky Buddha, Mahiki, Luxx, Jalouse, Whisky mist among many more.

Within Leicester square, there are also many different kinds of night clubs that have strict regulations on entry. Clubs within Leicester area include Cafe De Paris, Sound, Penthouse, Tiger Tiger, Ruby blue and Zoo Bar.

Another great area that plays the Indie, rock and metal music is the Camden area. Clubs in these areas are livelier during the weekends when most people are out. They are shut in most days during the week days due to low turnout.

Traveling to London for business will need good knowledge of the town. Having a travel guide for London is very necessary for one to enjoy their business trips and enjoy the many attractive features of London.