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London is one of the most prestigious cities in the world. It is the capital of the United Kingdom and a main center for business, industry and commerce. If you are looking for the entertainment side of London it is definitely easy to find. Theatre, opera, bars, pubs are just some of the main forms of leisure activities available in London. This site will concentrate on the more adult orientated leisure activities. Some people call London the escort capital of the world. This site will act as a London escort guide for clients from India.

Escorts in London can be found through escort agencies or working independently. The internet is the chief way escorts and escort agencies advertise their services. This site will give information on the best way to trawl to the numerous escort agencies and escort directory sites.

London is a multicultural city. There are people living in London from different nationalities and races. These cosmopolitan nature of the city is also seen in the escorts that work in London. These ladies come from all over the world. Obviously there are many British escorts working in London. Both Londoners and from the rest of England, we well as Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The United Kingdom is a member of the European Union. This means the free movement of persons is a fundamental right. it is guaranteed to European Union citizens by the treaties around the formation of the European Union. This free movement has led to a significant number of escorts from other European Union member states, working in London. Especially from the poorer countries with in the European Union. Many of these states joined the European Union in 2003. These are central and East European countries. Women from these countries can make a lot of money working in London, as when they return home these earnings can go a very long way.

There are also many women working as escort in London from outside the European Union. These include students doing degrees or language courses. There also people who are here on working visas that use the London escort scene as a way of topping up their earnings. London is an expensive place and this extra source of funds would obviously be useful.

For an Indian client in London, you should take note of the range in prices of the escorts found in London. Escort fees are dependent on the duration of the booking. For bookings to your hotel, the minimum time is always that of one hour. The prices can start relatively low to very high. Escorts usually expect cash. Some escort agencies do offer credit card payment facilities. Bear in mind there are usually extra charges with this. If you are paying by cash it helps to use British pound sterling. American dollars and Euros should also be fine as long as you forewarn the escort or agency. Indian rupees or other currencies are unlikely to be accepted. There are plenty of places to exchange foreign currency in London. If you are staying in a hotel, they should be able to assist you with this.

In terms of terminology, bookings at your hotel are called outcall bookings. Bookings that involve the client traveling to the escorts location, is called an incall booking. Not all escorts offer the incall booking option. The webpage profile of the escort would provide this information. Also there is sometimes a difference in price between incall and outcall, with outcall bookings being a bit more expensive to take into account travel for the escort.

Most escort agencies operate from the morning or early afternoon. Some are open 24 hours, but most usually close around 2 am. It will vary between escort agencies. Bookings that take place after midnight may involve an extra fee for travel due to the lack of transport options at that time.

To make a booking you can either contact the escort or escort agency days in advance. Or you can make contact much closer to the time you want the booking to take place. Obviously giving notice is preferable. When you make a booking you will need to provide information for the escort or escort agency. The time of the booking and if there is any flexibility in this. Also the duration of the booking, your location and location details. Location details for a booking at you hotel include the room number and your full name. Escort and escort agencies will need to verify your hotel room before sending an escort. Do put effort into the selection of your escort. Communicating questions with the escort or escort agency via email is recommended.

The escorts in London are useful for a number of purposes. You may want to have a well dressed and classy  lady with you when you are negotiating business deals. This may enhance your prospects of getting the desired result. Again communicating with the escort or London escort agency your requirements should result in the ideal lady for business purposes. This London escort guide will help with this aspect of booking an escort.

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london escort guide

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